Review: Five Smooth Stones by Ann Fairbairn

Review: Five Smooth Stones by Ann Fairbairn

Five Smooth Stones by Ann Fairbairn
Published by Chicago Review Press on April 1st 2009
Genres: African American, General, Historical
Pages: 768
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchase
David Champlin is a black man born into poverty in Depression-era New Orleans who achieves great success and then sacrifices everything to lead his people in the difficult, day-by-day struggle of the civil rights movement. Sara Kent is the beloved and vital white girl who loved David from the moment she first saw him, but they struggled over David's belief that a marriage for them would not be right in the violent world he had to confront. Likening the struggle of black Americans to the five smooth stones the biblical David carried against Goliath in lieu of arms, this novel's range encompasses decades and continents--but that range is insignificant compared with the intimate picture of its hero's irresistible warmth and inner conflicts. First published in 1966, this epic has become one of the most loved American bestsellers.

The Blurb

David is a poor black man raised in New Orleans during the depression era. He’s mentored by a white benefactor and attends college, ultimately meeting Sarah Kent, the white woman who will, one day, become his wife. It will be years before they come together as man and wife. They will struggle with the extraordinary pressures of interracial relationship, which force them apart. He will move on to do great things, become a highly visible leader in the black struggle, and will rise above the obstacles of race and poverty to obtain an education at Harvard and Oxford.

The Review

Five Smooth Stones is one of the best books I have ever read that left a resounding impact on me the reader. I read this book as young teenager, remembering how the words affected me, made me cry, made me hope. The story was about undeniable love between a black man and white woman. It’s about the Civil Rights Movement, and the sacrifices to make the world better for a group of people. This is one the most positive imageries of blacks rising above racism to demands their worth in life.

I love this book for its positive image. I cried, for it reminded me of Martin Luther King and his struggle for equal rights. I felt despair for two people who loved and simply wanted have a normal family life together. Written in 1966, the themes still prevail in current society. We still talk about RaceFail 44 years later but in a broader sense incorporating all people of color.

I highly recommend this book for the gorgeous storytelling, and for the past imbued with strong racial conflicts.

Note: I surfed at Amazon and noticed Five Smooth Stones has a brand new gorgeous bookcover. I prefer the old one because of when I read the book and how deeply it affected me. Also, yeah for ebook.


Author: Ann Fairbairn
Publisher: Bantam Paperback
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